Sometimes I venture onto various message boards on the net looking for good book material. I found this message posted and responded to it in the hopes that this gentleman would gain insight into the nature of relationships and significant events in our lives. He really seemed to appreciate it.

Here's what he said:

I was having a usual everyday dream, however a girl entered my dream towards the end. She seemed more 'real' than the dream and like she did not belong to this dream, yet her presence in the dream still felt right. The symbols basically interpret that a strong friendship would form between me and this girl.

What I need your help with is this. That same girl I saw in real life three days later! at my work! every detail exact, down to mannerism, facial structure, body type...EXACT! It is quite scary!

My question is, when destiny actually crosses our paths directly, should I tell her I had seen her first in a dream...or would that be too weird? Secondly, should I tell her ever?

If you were in her shoes how would you react? PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Respond urgently as I may meet her directly any day now...


Hello I hope you don't mind but when I read your post, several things occurred to me very strongly. I hope you find this input useful. I've been interpreting dreams for a long time now and several of my dreamers have similar experiences. I want to share one (okay, maybe two) nuggets of wisdom with you. One of the most common denominators in a scenario such as yours is that it is easy to perceive the situation as one of a "Soul Mate" situation. You dream of a woman, and Poof! there she is. Beautiful! What I would respectfully caution you to consider is this:

Every alliance has a specific purpose. Meeting someone does not necessarily mean that they are meant to be your wife, life partner or even play a romantic role. I think the reason for the precognitive dream is, as put so succinctly in the post above, so that you didn't miss her. You had the visual and the energetic connection already in place. If you end up marrying her, hey, one heck of a story for your grandchildren! But leave yourself open to the fascination of watching it unravel...and perhaps keep a journal to jot down further synchronicities. (And also keep us updated, as suggested .) She could lead to you a disguised blessing in the form of a great career opportunity, a creative endeavor, the next major phase in your life, etc. I have found in my own experiences that I when I see people before I meet them, these are the people who have major impact on my life (positive or negative is perception, but I can say even if it wasn't all roses, I certainly learned a lot and had a major jumpstart to my growth). Just to share, one day in Center City Philadelphia there was a small piece of graffiti on the bridge near 30th Street station that drew me to it like a literal magnet. I crossed the street (at the light, adding 100's of feet to my little journey, but it was sooooo important that I touch it). I get there and I'm tracing its shape, wondering why it was so significant. It was an Egyptian eye. A week later I go to a spiritual gathering and a woman introduces herself and there is the Egyptian eye tattooed on her arm. We were instantly friends and she did lead me to knowledge that had a MAJOR impact on my life.

We're no longer friends, but that's the reason I wanted to share this with you. Even though sometimes it feels so profound to have an experience like this, there are no promises or guarantees that the purpose for which they were "sent" to you will match any of your hopes or wishes. Also, there are times in our lives when we shut our hearts down in response to a painful experience. At times like these, someone is sent to us that will have enough impact to open our heart once more. The hard part is that opening your heart (let's say My heart) was the Purpose of the Alliance in my case (I'd shut it down after a painful breakup). Now Mr. Wonderful from my Dreams arrives and in my mind I was picking out a wedding dress and building a future out of daydreams because it was all so profound. I don't mean to babble and I hope I don't sound Preachy. I just would hate to see you disappointed and I resent that we are not handed a manual for these things. You seam very clear and level-headed (even a bit guarded) but expectations are dangerous things. You don't mention what you Hope this woman will mean to you. Either way, I'm sure it will be something amazing.

As for telling her? I think the women all agree that it would seem like a cheesy line. Also...most are a bit alarmed when you tell them this information prematurely. By "Pre-maturely" I mean before she is mentally and emotionally prepared to handle such information. An idea! What would be interesting and thoughtful, if this IS meant to be a romantic alliance, is this: in addition to my Journal idea, why not keep another journal to give to her as a gift, detailing the dream, meeting her, the magical quality of it all, all the amazing connections, dreams, sensations, revelations, etc. I did this to/for my guy. I knew about him for 4 years before we met 2 years ago. He cried. I know I'm a hopeless romantic and I had way too much time on my hands but I wanted to make the statement that I looked for and waited for him specifically. Who wouldn't, when ready, feel absolutely blown away when presented with something like this? And what woman wouldn't appreciate the thoughtfulness and gentleness it took to wait until the time was right to divulge the information, letting her come to you.

Anyway...this is going on way too long. Please let us know how this turns out! We're all rooting for ya!

P.S. So what was going on in the dream when you saw her? What events were going on? Just curious.




Char! you are amazing! there is no doubt your heart is a jewel amongst a sea of stones.

Thank you so much for your advice, it carries such a weight and experience I really respect and take to heart.

I knew from the dream it is not a romantic relationship (would be great tho ; P). I am absolutely thankful for the fact you in your wisdom confirmed to me the fact that it is a relationship that will benefit me in some way.

Well here's the juicy details. It turns out she's an assistant to my boss and she will be coaching me in sales training! This is an area I'm looking to improve in.

There isn’t many people who's advice is actually wisdom and makes sense for my life but yours does! Char, you are a treasure indeed.

I'd love to have further correspondence with you.