Cats in Dreams

What is happening to the cat in your dream is significant. Their typical symbology often triggers clues in our minds as to what their personal meaning is for us in each particular dream or image presented by our psyche, which chose this symbol for a reason in an effort to connect us or re-connect us to an aspect of ourselves that is somehow shrouded. The colors and mannerisms of the cat also provide insight into what is happening in your subconscious.

Cats generally represent Feminine Receptive Love, mystery, independence, unpredictability, healing and cleverness. They function well in the dark due to the extra light sensors in their eyes. Symbolically, we could take this to mean that clarity (eyes) is acknowledged or needed in a situation where the core of the issue still has you “in the dark” or is functioning at an unconscious level at the moment. Often viewed as unsociable and aloof when they do not immediately return our affection, cats more or less require that you earn their trust. Their mannerisms and lack of dependence on humans to meet their needs can often leave us “guessing”. Their Traditional prey is the mouse, which could signify details of the situation and a personal loss or unhappiness. Their traditional enemy is the dog, which are known for their dependability, companionship and unconditional love…the opposite of the symbolic characteristic portrayals of cats. Healing may be required in the situation, on an emotional/spiritual level. Contemplation and Integration of the answers to various mysterious factors in the situation would aid the healing process. When the mystery is either resolved or accepted and released, nagging questions no longer remain, and the mind is at peace, allowing true emotion to flow undisturbed (unconditionally).

When these aspects are working in harmony, it is then that we experience Peace and Fulfillment. Cats in our dreams can tell a lot about how we give and receive love and reveal various power issues pertaining to a close relationship. Any imbalance in these areas are pointed out so that we may take action toward harmony. If the cat is frightened or hurt in the dream, this would point to the "perception" of danger or damage (emotional pain) in a relationship.

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