beach with sweeping door!!???

hello, charlotte,

i had a really strange dream the other night i was on a beach which i think was abroad, in the water at first were lots of boats with people in them i think they were from the army,collecting samples of water. next that had gone away we were back on the sand walking, lots of people were around the sea was a long way down, as i turned around behind i saw a massive door start sliding down the beach as if by magic it was about 4 times the size of my house (standard 2 up 2 down) it was made of metal and had some kind of markings on the front. it let of a sort of horn and swept down the beach into the sea at massive speed giving nobody a chance to get out the way, once it was gone there was all dead bodies sticking out the sand, i was frantic about where my sister was i ran to the other end of the beach and found her sitting happily with her friends, i went back only to realise i hadnt even considered where my 3 yr old daughter was i started screaming if anybody had seen her, they hadnt and i couldnt, i had an awful feeling how did i not notice first? i heard her voice and felt better but only as i was waking up and she had come in the bedroom.

it was a very strange dream especialy the big door any ideas what this could mean??



Hi, Kate. What I do is take it line-by-line and interpret the "story" that is taking place. Only you can decide what fits, but I do hope this helps to provoke questions in your mind that will lead you to the answer. Please let me know your thoughts on the interpretation...which thoughts were hits and which were misses. If you have any questions please ask me anything. Hopefully, this will lead you to a happy new experience, as most of the symbology points to opportunities.

Here goes...You were on the beach, which is a symbolic place of the meeting between your conscious and unconcscious minds. I assume it is daytime, which means the issue the dream is attempting to illustrate is something you are aware of, as opposed to something you are not fully conscious of (nighttime). The beach is the edge where spirit (water) and the physical world (sand) meet. Generally, when you see a beach in your dream, there is an issue in your mind that is being addressed or needs to be resolved in order for you to move forward. The beach is a place to think, reflect and decide which direction you would like to take. It is a place of transitions from one level of conscious to a higher level, with new knowledge and wisdom and a clearer understanding of the past. Salt water is very healing and lends to the idea that there may be healing that is taking place within you. Like the tides, life has ebbs and flows. Often, it's difficult to let go and let the tide take you. Time is a major symbol connected to sand, as well. It may be that it is Time for you to let go of a fear. Only you know what's in your inner mind. The fact that the beach may have been abroad could mean that you have "distanced" yourself from the issue. There were lots of boats with people in them. Boats correspond to larger issues or transitions in your journey, spiritual voyages or experiences and exploring the realms of the unconscious, feeling that you missed an opportunity, a period of waiting, the act of carrying things (the past) great distances (like time), etc. The people you saw are assumed to be from the army, which is a symbol of discipline, organization, power and the relinquishment of one's will. It is associated with oneself in a lesser role for the greater good. I wonder if, perhaps, you are a young mother or if the conception of your daughter changed the direction of your life dramatically and you must come to peace with the sudden change. These army people, who are not easy on themselves but keep a stiff upper lip and keep marching to the rhythm of their lives, seemed to be "testing the water." This is very interesting. The water symbolizes your emotional/spiritual world, a new direction in life (creation of new projects, etc.), and is associated with the source of all life, sustenance, understanding or wisdom. There may be projects or an education you wanted to pursue or pick up where you left off, but are unsure as to the "safety" of the endeavor, as in "how would it disrupt your life and perhaps affect your daughter." I would be remiss not to also mention to you that since water is maternal/feminine and there is "testing" going on, that perhaps you have pregnancy on your mind?The army guys go away and you are back on the sand walking (moving forward in life). People in dreams represent aspects of ourselves. The number people here may represent a busy mind that constantly turns ideas over within it, thinking, planning, worrying, wondering, etc. In either case, there are different sides of you that are or must come together in agreement in order for you to move forward in your life without fear. You turn and see a massive door. Again we revisit the idea of opportunities, directions, new pathways to personal expression, unexplored regions of the self, transitions, barriers that need to be removed, etc. In this case the door appears to be closed, which is significant. Closed doors represent being closed off from opportunities, either through your own actions or the actions of another...circumstances beyond your control. It could also be a combination of the ending of one phase, relationship or era and the looking forward to a new beginning in a new direction. The door is outrageously proportioned and made of metal.

Metal corresponds to strength, endurance, resiliency, etc. In your case, I feel this personal symbol may represent your level of flexibility (stubbornness), emotional openness (closing yourself off to others for the sake of your daughter) or a similar scenario which only you can determine. I am merely trying to give you food for thought. I hope this information isn't coming across as disrespectful. With this intriguing combination of symbols, all of the elements are pointing to the same scenario. There is an opportunity or new direction your life is taking, that you are resisting, and it looms large and threatening to your peace of mind. You cannot outrun it, however, whatever it is, and I think it would be a very good transition for you and would open you to new experiences. I know you probably don't recollect what the markings were on the door, but trying to remember by meditating on the idea (if you're into that sort of thing) or trying to draw it might help. It sounds to me, though, that it is something you recognize deep in your subconscious and not necessarily consciously as an image in your waking life. It's a definite clue, though. There was a horn sound, which represents messages, warnings, a call to attention or a call to be mindful of one's words, praise for accomplishments, etc. Horns also sound a battle cry (army guys doing the testing to see if the waters are safe).The door moves so quickly that no one on the beach could escape. Again, the people on the beach represents aspects of you, your heart, mind and soul. Sometimes we see dead bodies when there is a thought, a belief, an attitude, a grudge, a hope or even the things we tell ourselves no longer serve us. As we grow over time (sand), old useless parts of us fall away. You become concerned about your sister and run to the other end of the beach. Your sister could either represent your actual sister in real life, but more likely the side of you that you see in her and in your relationship with her. What does your sister represent to you? Closeness? Family? Is she really smart, outgoing or courageous? What we think of that person is generally the representation. If she is a clear-headed type of person, you wouldn't want to lose that "side of you." Does that make sense? I know this is a lot, but your dream is very rich with symbology and I love how it all ties together.

You find your sister sitting happily with her friends. She is completely unaware of your panic, the frightening situation, the ominous feel of the scenario...she perceives an altogether different situation...she is happy and socializing...there is nothing wrong. In a word...she doesn't see the situation the same way you do. Her perception is much different. Often what this means is that you must let go of your perception of your situation as frightening or untrustworthy (the water testing) and step into the future with a sense of adventure rather than feeling afraid you will lose a part of yourself (dead bodies as a result of the door (opportunity) running them down). It occurs to you that your daughter was not the first thing to come to mind in a frightening situation. No one had or could see your daughter and you feel awful. Please do not feel guilty about this as it is merely an illustration that you are dealing with a rather recent issue, not so much an "inner child" issue. In a dream, when you do not worry about children it is generally pointing out that there is nothing to worry about, if that makes sense. Often, we worry against imagined scenarios...what if this or that happens. In this dream, you perceive a threat but your daughter is not the first thought in your mind. This is because the messages in dream such as this one, which I call Teaching Dreams, are about us. These types of dreams teach us about ourselves, how we are reacting to and coping with our circumstances, which of our beliefs about life or ourselves are false and need to be corrected or clarified, etc. Also, often the way we cope with life comes under question. In the dream you are trying to “save” the ones closest to you from something that is coming after you. I know in my life I have often set my personal goals aside in order to take care of others. Does this sound like something you do? If so, it may be an indication that you have look out for yourself first. Again, only you can determine what, if any of this, fits.

Coincidentally, your daughter enters your bedroom at the end of the dream, no doubt giving you a sense of relief even as you hear her voice as you awaken. I know this got long but your dream is great. I kept it shorter than it usually is because I am pressed for time. Please let me know if this helps. Your honest critique would be appreciated. Also, I am writing a book on dream interpretation and would like your permission to use it (anonymously if you like) in that or in an article. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love and Light,

hi charlotte, thankyou so much for your reply it is amazing the way you have interpreted it with the way my life is at the moment, i ahve always been interested in dreams myself and am always very aware of them, this one i found particuarly strange.

you have really hit the nail on the head when you say i am facing a desicion which basicaly could change my life, untill now i have buried my head in the sand i suppose thinking things would change, and only now have i felt the strength to feel its time to make a change, in my heart i know or i think its what i want but i am scared of hurting others.

when i had my daughter i was 21 and your right i have struggled to adapt to the change in life she is nearly 4 and thinking about it i dont think i have fully accepted that that is it i cant change it, although i love her dearly there was so much more to do with life first!

the testing of the water is interesting because i have thought how if my relationship had of been good i would of loved to have given my daughter a sibling by now and i am sad that it probably wont happen now untill i am happy and settled.

the bit about a busy mind is so true, my mind is on constant fastforward worrying planning imagining etc...

the door... i think in a way yes oppurtunitys have been closed off because perhaps of my partner but then myself for allowing it???

i am resisting a new direction my life could take, and your right i dont think i can outrun it,

my sister wow! this bit is good too! she is 23 and has in the last 3 years built a business up which is about to be part sold for 3 million! i feel like havin gmy daughter the choices iv made i have missed out on all of this with her as i am sure we would of been in it together if things had of been different. also she is very strong willed and quite a closed book, i think i wish i was more like her be able to be harder on others, i feel i am too soft always putting others before me.

the more i read over your interpretation the more it fits, and actualy you have helped me feel more confident in making the right choices.

i dont mind if you use this dream, it was such a different and meaningful dream that id love to share it.

if you want anymore input or have any questions feel free to ask me, i have had many complex dreams that i often remember vividly.

i used to have lucid dreaming alot but not so much now.

thank you so much!
kate x