Driving in a Storm

I had this dream last Wednesday. At first it struck me as a little odd but nothing to wierd...so this weekend I found out that one of my good friends was involved in a car accident similar to the one in this dream. So is it just a conicidence?

I was driving in bad weather (rain or snow, I'm not sure) I don't remember if I was alone or not. I saw a car ahead of me was stopped. I put on my brakes and waited for the car to stop...it didn't stop soon enough but I didn't hit the car in front of me that hard...My car wasn't damaged but the other one was slightly damaged. I remember getting into lots of trouble for it.

Anyhow, in waking life I've been in two accidents...I'm an extreemly cautious driver. I'm curious though...it's really wierd...my friend that got in a car accident (he wasn't hurt) and I sometimes seem to...uhh...you know, get those feelings or like know what the other one is thinking...you know? He wasn't in my dream at all...I don't know how I would've known to warn him...but do you think there might be some sort of connection?

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, Phrassie...how are you?

Yes, it would seem a little odd that you would dream this and then your friend is involved in an accident. But I think it is mere coincidence in this case because you were a participant in this dream - the driver.

A key symbol in this dream is the weather. Bad weather, i.e. rain or snow, generally points to the emotions being overwhelmed or needing to be cleansed, if the rain or snow is especially heavy. If it is merely inclement, it might suggest the same but to a lesser degree. I know you're not sure which it was, rain or snow, but both are forms of water, which is the emotions. Try applying both meanings to what is happening. In the case of snow, your emotions or perception might be a little frozen right now (due to past experiences?). Being frozen could also point to a certain 'rigidity' in the emotions or the behaviour being expressed while on this particular path and/or at a time of emotional "upheaval" (storm). By rigid, we could view some patterns as 'fixed' or immovable (stubborn), or unable to 'adapt' to new environments (the way liquid does when put into a different-shaped container), or that certain perceptions may be 'inflexible' and need to be softened lest they cause damage (rocks cause more damage than marshmallows, no?).

We do not always need to be on the offensive to cause damage to a situation, as I've learned the hard way. Sometimes, in not expressing your true feelings, in keeping them hidden beneath restricted behaviour (as in being Too Self-Controlled), we can unknowingly lead the situation down a negative path, causing hurt or damage in our refusal (conscious or not) to express enough to allow for compromise. A compromise can only be reached if we know the other's point of view...the truthful point of view. Although I value that I am an extremely honest person, in looking within myself, I realized that not letting people know my true feelings robbed us both of the honest flexibility needed in a healthy relationship. Most often, we find that we are being just plain old stubborn. It's difficult for some to admit they've been hurt.

You were the driver, which is good because you are in the position of control, not someone else or another aspect of yourself. You applied the brakes, which indicates that you did apply restraint to either your emotions, reaction or your contribution to the situation, however, a minor collision could not be avoided. Your car was not damaged, but the other car was. I bring you back to the idea that too much self-control or self-protecting mechanisms, while they certainly protect you from (perceived) pain or damage, can sometimes hurt others unavoidably. You were in a lot of trouble, you remember. In this case I think your conscience was the 'authority' which held you responsible, which is another point to ponder (self-punishment despite good efforts to avoid hurt?).

I'm a huge believer in the Law of Cause and Effect. This is one of the most powerful Universal Laws, and yet sometimes one of the most overlooked laws that govern us at times. I don't think What Goes Around, Comes Around is presenting itself to you hear. I think it's the Active and Reactive (trying to stop the car in time) that are trying to get your attention. Thank God it was only a fender bender, which tells me that you can fix this easily with a little clarity (nicer weather or clear glass in future dreams) and flexibility (ummmm....rubber band rainbows? a trampoline? Not sure. (smile))

In any event, I think it's one of those cool dreams, chock full of symbols and ideas that can be wisely applied to life's situations. I may not have hit any particular nail on the head, but if you can figure out how these images might apply and address it, hey..you're way ahead of the game.
If you figure it out, look for symbology in future dreams to let you know you are on the right path. If your lower consciousness is wondering, then your higher consciousness certainly won't leave you guessing.

As for knowing stuff before it happens? It's great, isn't it? But I don't think there is a connection to your friend. You would have been an observer most likely, and there would be that familiar feeling you get when you feel like you should warn someone. Don't you agree?

I hope this helps, Phrassie. Your dreams are always kinda fun.

Love and Laughter,


You're totally right! That's amazing how much you got out of that dream. Thank you sooooooooooo much!