Grandmother’s Garage; Husband Shot; Kiddie Pools

Name: Rebecca (Minnesota)

Hello, Rebecca,

It's my hope that I can offer an interpretation that will give you a platform from which you can determine what the dream really means. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. This is a line-by-line interp where I break the dream down and illustrate the "story line" of action and symbols. These take much longer than a basic interpretation but I find your dream very telling and hopefully the interpretation will help not just you but others reading this as well. This dream, like most, illustrates a current issue, how you are handling it and, finally, the best way to move forward. Let’s start from the beginning...

"Last night I head a dream my husband and I walked into my grandma's garage where people were attempting to steal things from her."
People in dreams represent aspects of ourselves. Men...the thinking, assertive, masculine side, and women, the nurturing, protective, emotional side. Your grandmother would represent your higher wisdom and your husband (if not representing himself and illustrating his emotional role in the scenario) would be your closest aspect...your partner/twin self. It appears that there are aspects of yourself (Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual) that do not agree and are not moving forward in harmony. There is arguing, shooting, falling, stealing, etc. All are evidence of feeling a split consciousness, a lack of agreement within.

You go into your grandmother's garage. Garage's are associated with discarded ideas, projects, plans or goals, etc., things that we do not consider part of our everyday lives, with the exception of the car we drive. You do not mention a car in the garage, so I will assume that the topic of the dream is the aforementioned goals or ideas. When I first read your dream, I thought 'fertility issue.' In reading further, you answered my question. This dream is definitely about the idea of having a child. In my experience, dreams like this emerge as a reflection of the gamut of emotions that are triggered when trying to conceive a child. There are so many questions raised…wondering whose “fault” it is that it does not happen in the timeframe we set for ourselves. “Is it me? Is it Him? What’s wrong? Is it something that is against us?” It is a tricky, emotional path, but one that I feel can be understood, made peace with and learned from in order to achieve the goal and bring into this world the perfect love we crave.

The garage might suggest that your conscious, present emotions are that you should 'give up' or 'discard' the idea of having a child, however, you are in your grandmother's house, which suggests that your wiser self says otherwise…perhaps to listen to your intuition or to not to give up and to trust in yourself. Your husband is with you, indicating that he is an active part in the dream and your present emotions, not to the side. He is present. There are people "breaking in" and "attempting" to steal from her. Breaking in represents that there is clarity, wisdom or knowledge that is trying to break into your consciousness from your subconscious or soul. It is an alarming symbol designed to get your attention. You don't mention whether the people are male or female, but as I mentioned, females would represent your emotional self, while males represent the intellectual "get it done, make it happen" self. The act of robbing denotes feeling that something has been or is being taken from you...such as an opportunity, manifestation of a goal, the right to feel the way you do, etc. During experiences like this, we ask, "why is this not happening???" "Why is it taking so long?" and feel victimized. So who is victimizing us? This is merely the ego’s struggle at balance. Balance is rooted in acceptance, however, which is what our dreams strive to help us to achieve.

You strike me as a traditional family person eager to continue the family legacy in the form of a beautiful family, plenty of grandchildren...very family oriented. When we cannot make this happen, we question what may be wrong with us. We question why we cannot create the picture in our minds. Nothing, of course, is wrong with you…it could be just a matter of what is meant to be and, in some cases, overcoming the barrier to what is blocking the event from happening. The people who broke in are Attempting to steal. This is important in that they are planning but have not succeeded in taking anything from you/the side of you represented by your grandmother.

"When we walked in after much arguing..."
What is Arguing here are the different aspects of yourself, your emotional side struggling with your intellectual side, your rational/trying to make sense of this experience with your irrational/why-am-I-a-victim side, your conscious mind trying to wrestle with the unconscious and trying to figure out the solution.

"...they pulled out a gun and shot my husband..."
Guns and bullets represent blame. This may indicate feelings that you feel your goal of having a child has been taken from you or is being thwarted and thrown off course, all normal feelings, mind you, but that you are putting some responsibility on your husband. This may also indicate that you may feel in real life, whether in a subconscious reactive response or conscious expression toward your husband (a recent argument or upheaval), that he is holding up the process or is not as cooperative to it as he appears to be. It could also indicate, if your husband represents your intellectual side, that you are blaming your rational self for holding things up by saying that having a baby later would be better because of money (after we get that raise), housing space (when we have the extra room), etc., versus your emotional urge to bring another life into the world and fulfill your motherly instinct (but I feel strongly about having a baby now and want to get started!). I have no doubt you will have another child, but perhaps you need to examine your reasons for "wanting" another child versus your reasons why it might not be the best time, etc. Perhaps you must allow for these things to happen in their own time according to God's plan, etc., depending on your beliefs. If you perceive that you may not have your grandmother around for much longer, could this be triggering a fear of getting older and being alone with few people to care for you, etc.? Only you can answer this for sure, I am merely trying to give you food for thought.

"…while they were doing this a gleam of light shined on my stomach with a picture of a baby going towards my stomach."
Light is enlightenment, wisdom, clarity and knowledge from the higher self or God. I truly feel this is showing you the future outcome of the situation, or at least your highest hopes, once the block or issue is faced and overcome. I offer no guarantees, of course, just my feeling.

"After the robbers gathered some items and my husband had hit the garage floor they had stormed off in their trucks. (Not sure if this was the end of the dream or not - all I could remember).
What items? Do you remember? I would love to know the items that were taken if you can possibly recall. Either way, it sounds like they gathered specific items. I think these would represent specific "memories" (garage=storage) from your past and lend a serious clue as to what is happening in your subconscious mind, blocking change in the present. Were they decorations? Organizational items? Useless items? Baby furniture? (like a bassinette, changing table, a cradle...items pertaining to being in a "state of preparedness” for the new baby and so on.) Or rather, were they items that no longer serve you or your life…were they junk, useless, broken, etc.? Were they useful but forgotten? Do they point to a past project or goal that has been set to the side for later, forgotten or abandoned in order to have or nurture an unexpected family?

The next action in the dream is that your husband hits the floor. To fall is to either not be able to support oneself or that something has pushed us down against our will. This could mean that either your husband in real life feels unsupported or blamed…or that your intellectual, planning, goal-oriented side that your husband represents feels unsupported and that you are feeling alone in this situation. These emotions can be oppressive…pushing you down and keeping you there. So much more could be said but I think you know where to take this. No need for me to attempt to pick you apart and I certainly do not wish to insult you by suggesting that your husband is not supportive or that he leaves you feeling abandoned…merely that this emotion may be coming into play, whether real to the situation or as a residual to another experience in the past and is being triggered now by the scenario of trying to have a baby. Let’s move on…

The burglars/robbers in your dream “storm off.” This word usage suggests an emotional exit from the situation, as if suggesting giving up or running off in frustration, or even feeling like you want to.

They leave in a truck. What do trucks represent? They are vehicles that take us forward, that carry “things” such as valued possessions, memories, trash, baggage and burdens from one place to another…from one moment in time to another. What are you lugging? What should be removed from your life/past and what should be carried forward? What should be forgiven and forgotten and what should be embraced? People steal what they feel they are lacking in their lives or in their total sense of self. We hold on to things when we feel their absence will create a sense of loss. We give away what has served its purpose and are comfortable with its absence. Just to illustrate, compare losing an old table lamp to your wedding ring. Which loss would hurt more? Into which have you invested more hope, love and devotion?

"In the same night again we were all at my grandmas house with lots of people."
In this scene all aspects of you are harmonious and in unity, gathering together. It is nighttime, indicating that we are now delving into an aspect of your subconscious mind, that which has not yet been illuminated. It is the same night, indicating that a transition into harmony within yourself would be sooner rather than later. It sounds like you need to let go of something from the past, forgive it and embrace the future. Only you know for sure.

"I had been outside watering her flowers when my daughter had came out with one of her smaller cousins in swim suits."
Flowers represent an aspect of ourselves about to blossom, the growth of spiritual gifts, sexuality, a new insight, beauty, hope and new life...that which we nurture. Your daughter is your younger self, accompanied by another younger (newer) "idea/project/baby." They are in swim suits and are "prepared" to immerse themselves comfortably in water (water=emotion/spirituality). This scenario suggests that this immersion would be fun, replenishing and safe. Perhaps the goal of conceiving has become work and here you are reminded to return to “earlier” times and remember that children are borne of Love, not work. This is common among my clients who are trying to conceive. The Fun is taken out of the act that produces the child that is so wanted and desired. My advice would be to let go and enjoy the journey and surprise of creating a child from true love rather than anticipating its timed arrival. It might be interesting to note that so many unintentional pregnancies (especially among teens) are a result of the female's desire to bring love toward her. It happens...only in a form the form of a baby rather than from the sexual partner. Contemplate this for a moment and consider what having a child brings you...a sense of purpose...a vessel into whom you can pour all your wonderful love and nurturing...a sense that you are aspiring to being the wonderful mothers that your own mother and grandmother are. Again, you will know what resonates with you.

"Then I saw in my dream over a dozen small kiddie pools lined up in rows & columns along side of her house with the kids contemplating which one to go in."
This is interesting. Is there any way you would know the exact number? Numerology is so telling in a dream. If not, that's okay. There's more than a dozen...quite a few, indicating that this is a topic of much higher wisdom (more than 10). I'm not sure if it's karmic. Most telling is the fact that they are "organized, controlled and small,” with an emphasis on safe, shallow, non-threatening or too deep, etc." They are alongside the house, indicating that the solution is not too far a distance from your true self (the house represents you). The kids are trying to make a decision. What would help them make it? What is the question? Which pool is the best? Which one is the most fun? What factors would help them decide which one out of so many (choices) is the best way to go? Usually, I just let God decide, but I don't want to get too religious here until I'm comfortable in what your beliefs are. (Don't like to be pushy, just helpful.) So many choices. Which emotion to go with and feel comfortable in, eh? Your younger selves in the dream, which also crave the nurturing and guidance you so willingly want to give to a newborn, have much to consider. Do they go with the first option or check out the ones further down the line (the road, the timeline, etc.)? Checking out the other options would take some time and delay their decision, denoting either impatience or indecision. This is very unique and personal imagery (the individual, divided pools in contrast to the universal symbology of water). Water is emotion, spirituality, needed for life, etc. But in your dream it is divided proportionately, organized..."Just So." Could it be that you need conditions to be "just so" in order to move forward? Must the house be a certain way? Must your life be in a certain state of organization and control? Must your memories and past be organized and under control...carefully collected and stored in the garage of your memory bank? It gives you much to think about.

I bet you didn't think such a short dream could provoke so much thought, but this is their purpose. The end of a dream generally shows how you should move forward in the situation. I think it shows that you should not over-think it...go with your emotions but try not to over-analyze or control them, either. I certainly don't want to accuse you of being controlling or rigid, I simply want to say that "allowing" something to happen brings more joy than trying to squeeze it into a calendar. Calendars are remarkable inventions…unless they make you feel bad about something. I offer you my most respectful interpretation.

"I have no idea to the meaning to any of this, if someone could please help with anything I would appreciate it."
Often, most dreamers answer their own seen below...

You say:
"**Possible background that may help**

- My husband & I have been trying to conceive since this past October but have had no luck...Its beginning to worry me since I have had surgery where 2/3 of my thyroid was removed and have since did research and found that this could have an affect on getting pregnant. Also, we have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and when she was conceived it was totally unplanned."
Interesting, huh? ::) Remember that even though you've had surgery that what's meant to be will happen. Believe in miracles! The thyroid is a powerful gland and relates to vocal expression. Is there something you’re not expressing, even an artistic endeavor? Why would some of your expression have to be removed and how does it relate to raising a family? Just more food for thought.

"- My daughter & I usually go visit my Grandma at least 1 time a month to help her out, clean and do the things that get neglected. My mom had went with us this past time to water the flowers. (My Grandma is almost 90 and barely gets around with a walker so I fear that she will not be
a long much longer."
I just had a thought but tell me if I'm crazy. There were more than 12 pools. You visit Grandma once per month. Could the pools represent each monthly visit and the rhythm/pace in which you care for your Grandmother and the things that go "neglected"? Could You be the one who is neglected in this situation? Even if you aren't but merely FEEL that way could be major. Often, our feelings don't reflect reality, but we do have to deal with them and release them in order to move forward. Just a thought.

“Not sure if that enough background but hopefully it will help you to help me understand!”
This is more than enough background, Rebecca. What I'd be most interested in you considering is your everyday thoughts. Throughout the day, be mindful of the directions your thoughts and emotions take you. What images do you see from your past that trigger emotions pertaining to your present situation?

I do hope this helps. Only you can decide what fits and what doesn't -- what resonates with your personal truths and what may only be merely interesting. I would certainly welcome your feedback, good or bad. Feel free to contact me to discuss the dream further, discuss my interp or to simply share.

Thank you for the opportunity to examine your dream. I hope this didn’t get too psychological for you…I’m just doing my thing and hope to shed light on the mystery of dreams. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light,




I want to thank you for interpreting my dream, some things you were very exact on--others I would like to share more of my thoughts or feelings with you. I do want to give you all the permission in the world to use my dream as anything beneficial to others and if you have questions about more of it let me know.

I want to think about all of your questions or food for thoughts, I want to be able to answer all of your questions too. I will email you a copy of your interpretation with my direct thoughts in hopes that it will help you.

I also want to thank you very much for taking the time to consider all of my emotions, I really appreciate it.

Please feel free to email me with any more questions you have in the mean time.

**You don't have to keep me totally anoymous, Rebecca, MN Would that be ok?

Thank you !!!!



Ok, I am going to start to answer some of your questions or thoughts and let you know what I am really going through so you can see what areas you really pinpointed. In the 3 paragraph about the garage incident.

When we first starting trying in October I didn't know if I really wanted a child that soon just because my husband had just finished school and was starting a new job (during the time of him going to school and working 2 jobs he didn't seem to have much time for my daughter and I, it seemed like the time we did have together we argued because we didn't tell each other things and we weren't spending time together-it just made the situation worse).

After a month of him being home with us again and us trying I knew it was what we wanted and it was hurtful knowing that I could get pregnant when I was 19 knowing a guy for a year, then we are married, have a stable life and were having troubles. Why is it happening now when we want it so badly and when I wasn't even sure what I wanted out of life when I was 19 here I am pregnant, it was definitely meant to be considering I love being a mother and the wife to my then boyfriend. We were meant for each other and I thought we were meant to have more children, I guess we will see. After having my thyroid removed when I was 19 and having the scare with cancer (I was pregnant when I had the surgery but had no idea then) after a few months I found out I was pregnant. After having my daughter I had an IUD since because of not knowing if my hormone levels would fluctuate or not using the pill or patch wouldn't work for me. So in October I had it removed and am having fertility problems. I regret having it just because I am wondering if it caused problems with me, I don't blame my husband what so ever. I think that if either of us had problems it would be me just because of the whole thyroid thing possibly fluctuation my hormone levels (have had it tested and its been normal but the low side of normal) and possibly something to do with the IUD (scar tissue?). I thought that because it was so easy with my daughter, well getting pregnant without trying it would happen right away so I am a little detoured thinking that something is wrong with me and wondering what I would do if I was able to have another child.

I am definitely a family person wanting the children and can't wait to be a grandmother. I want the picture perfect family that has been stored away in my head. The robbers taking things-I don't remember the exact items. There is nothing valuable in her garage presently. She cannot drive and keeps her car parked in her garage in the dream there was no car and I don't remember seeing any of the other items they may take like a lawn mower or those things. The only thing she really keeps besides that kind of stuff is she has a large room built in her garage where she keeps a lot of her holiday items and stuff from when her mother past away.

You had said "It sounds like you need to let go of something from the past, forgive it and embrace the future. Only you know for sure." I am not sure that I really hold a grudge or have anything that I really regret about my past. My past with my grandmother is very memorable “I remember having sleep overs with her (her husband had past away before I was born) I think I was more of her rock keeping her busy and having something to look forward to, she taught me how to cook and garden and I miss that she no longer can enjoy it and that we can't share those things together.

The kiddie pools in my dream, it was so weird and that's what I instantly starting trying to find a meaning behind since it was so odd and I have never experienced anything like it. I don't remember exactly but I can somewhat picture how they were organized:


There might have been more than that in a row like instead of 4 in the first row there would have been 5.

I am very much a person that thinks that God has a plan for us all he has control of the majority of things that impact our lives. Others are options are choices made by us that may not be correct or easy but eventually we could get the guidance and he would help us. I think he knows if my husband was meant for me is he truly my soul-mate, I think so I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him but then I see others getting divorced that said they felt the same thing when they first with their spouses. Do I think things will change between us? No, we have a great relationship, he's not only my spouse but my best friend and my soul-mate for life.

Hopefully some of this information will help with your side of things, please let me know if you have any other questions or need more food for thought.

Thanks again!