Pulled Teeth

I had a dream, more like a nightmare, all my teeth were pulled and false ones were put in. In the dream I was lying there getting them pulled and something went wrong and they had to put this big silver prong down my throat and I was gagging and it was painful. Finally I passed out. When I woke I had some kind of silver things that went down in my gums and were supposed to draw out some kind of infection I guess. At the same time I had these false teeth in but they went in one by one. The silver things kept coming out and some of the teeth and my mom would put them back in. I wasn't supposed to open my mouth very much and it was hard to talk without them coming out. Strange dream any clues?!



Hello, CherryRose27 :)

Your dream was shocking because your subconscious mind is trying to get your attention. These images shock us into remembering the dream in the hopes that its message will get through.

Teeth are a combination Universal/Personal symbol. Teeth in dreams represent a variety of emotions, reactions and scenarios. While a common dream symbol universally to all people, dreams involving the loss of or damage to teeth are personal to the dreamer and largely misunderstood. Some cultural myths say that it means a death will occur. While I would agree that many teeth dreams accompany actual deaths and losses, it is difficult to declare each and every teeth dream to be of a prophetic nature. Because many dreams of loosing teeth point to “letting go” of a person, situation or thing, it is easy to attach these images to a theme of death. There is more to consider, however, in analyzing a dream.

Teeth also represent the power of words spoken (like gossip or arguments, sentiments, personal boundaries, praise, etc.), our ability and confidence in making decisions, our sense of personal power, our personal effectiveness and our ability to break ideas, experiences and situations down for analysis, assimilation, digestion and release (the process necessary for Growth both physically and spiritually). Losing them demonstrates our feelings of ineffectiveness in any of these categories or in a specific area of our lives.

Here is a listing of Physical and Spiritual Correlations pertaining to Teeth Symbology:
Breaking Down of Food=Breaking down of ideas/experiences for Psychological Analysis and Understanding.
Assimilation/absorption=Emotionally Integrating the concepts in order to heighten conscious awareness and grow as a human being.
Digestion=Acceptance of Change, Retaining the beneficial aspects of the experience and rejecting the unhealthy aspects as it works through our (belief) system.
Elimination/Physical Release=Psychological and Emotional Forgiveness of the person/situation for forcing you to learn this lesson as a means of growth; Letting go of residual emotions and resentments and reclaiming peace of mind. (Problems with this last psychological phase will initiate toilet dreams.)

Let’s look at the “function” of the symbol(s). The use of teeth is the first step in the digestive process (spiritually, the acceptance of experiences/change). Teeth are held in by our gums and are used for tearing off the proper “bite-sized” amounts of food that we feel we can handle and breaking it down for digestion and retention of beneficial elements/nutrients for growth. When we equate these actions with Psycho-Spiritual concepts, we see the correlations between physical processes, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Often, when we are in situations where we need to let go of something and we resist, whether a relationship, an argument, a child moving away to college, a death, etc., we will often dream of losing teeth. Many people feel that teeth dreams have a lot to do with their personal appearance, but I disagree with most of the petty vanity aspects and prefer to take the topic to a deeper level. Teeth dreams often point to decisions and “how we appear to others as a result of the decisions we make,” be it insecure, stable, successful, foolish, that our decision-making process is flawed or that we think too little/too much of ourselves. Rather than focus consciously on what our needs are and backing up our determinations with strong decisions, we focus on others’ perceptions of us. Do I look foolish staying with this person or do I look foolish in breaking it off? Do people think I’m weak? These are some of the distractions our egos throw at us to discourage us from addressing our needs, trusting our hearts and having faith in our potential. The scenery of the dream will point to the area of your life in question. The manner in which the teeth were lost is key in that it demonstrates whether they were consciously or voluntarily “released” or if they were “taken” in some manner, making us feel forced to let something/someone go before we feel we are ready. Life scenarios such as these lead to a powerless, humiliating feeling. Our largest Source of Power is in our belief system; our primary Expression of Power is in our words. As teeth also facilitate speech, not expressing our truth may be seen in a dream depicting damage or the act of pulling them out ourselves.

There are thousands of variations to how our dreams depict the damage or loss of our teeth. When there is additional symbology in a teeth dream that is gory or shocking, it is our subconscious telling us to pay attention and address the issue. The area of your life that the dream points to will be supported by accompanying symbology.

Your mother is seen, pointing to a need to consider and apply your higher wisdom.Your teeth are pulled out without you knowing it, which might indicate that you are not "consciously" aware of your fears until you "take a good look at yourself" (mirror, where we make assessments of ourselves and our individuality) or it is brought to your attention by someone else in a situation. The silver concerns me. These seem to be alternative or false methods by which to keep the situation longer than is necessary, out of fear. Much work has been done to your mouth. I feel this to be that much effort has been exerted in order to keep a situation the way it is and prevent it from changing/evolving.I hope this helps. Only you can say what fits.

Love and Light,



Charlotte-Thank you so much for your insight! It is like you know what is going on in my life. Much is going on that I have no control over, and some of it is fear. With your insight I will look over some things and really concentrate on some issues brought at hand.

Again, thanks.