How Are Dreams Interpreted?

The subconscious mind constantly evaluates, assesses, guides and rewards your conscious effort toward Self- understanding and Self-mastery. Any form of Human Suffering is directly related to a Perception of feeling Separate – from others, from yourself…from your Creator, hence the feeling of being Torn. When we are upset, we are out of balance and our motives are out of alignment. Your subconscious is the most natural and reliable source of knowledge to recognize and resolve these misperceptions and splits in consciousness (blockages), because this knowledge is an exchange From yourself To yourself by way of a bridge called Dreams. Life is about achieving Balance between opposites! It is when we achieve this balance that we experience Bliss.

It is My job as Translator to help You see what your subconscious is trying to get you to address. For that reason, and so as not to offend, sometimes I may ask that you tell me your Religion or Sexual Orientation in order that I may tailor my interpretation to you. The object is to help you within the structure of your own beliefs, not convince you of mine. I look at all issues from a Spiritual viewpoint, but if this angle will repel you from the interpretation’s message, simply tell me, and I can restrict it to simple psychological terms.

Psychic ability is a wonderful talent to bring to the task of dream interpretation, however, it cannot do the job alone and I feel it is only as useful as the Translator’s ability to clearly communicate the impressions received to the Dreamer. Most importantly, Interpretive Skill is required to identify the relationship between your Personal Symbols and what they mean to you, your experiences and perceptions. Extensive knowledge of minor dream elements which are subject to further interpretation is an absolute Must in order to truly identify which particular meanings of a symbol apply only to you and string together to form a story.

Furthermore, it is my hope to successfully guide others in implementing the changes needed to overcome the blockages revealed in their dreams.

I draw on all of my areas of study, experience and intuitive talents in response to the needs of each individual dreamer.

Thank you for your interest in having me interpret your dreams.