What does it mean to dream of a Tornado?

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Tornadoes and other natural disasters represent emotional upheaval. Tornadoes specifically point to “Fear of Separation from Family Members.” There is a person in the situation you are experiencing where you may feel that if you tell them your true thoughts and feelings that you will lose them. Our fears of what might happen when we communicate honestly generally do not occur as we imagine. Tornadoes are a culmination of air in its most destructive capacity, pointing to the realm of thought (air). Look clearly at your fears and try to determine which are truly based on a possible reality, rather than an imagined “worst case” scenario. Trust your heart to tell you what to do. The pain we experience and perceive is truly a barometer of the Destruction we perceive being done. We often categorize experiences as small or large, depending on the loss we think we experienced. Pain is measured according to the depth of that loss or the importance of what was destroyed.

Another possible representation is the presence of a teenager in the family whose behavior is affecting the family unit. Often, when dealing with teens, there is the element of fear that if you are too tough on them that they will run away or distance themselves emotionally even further. I feel that it is worth every effort to get through and guide your child. Later, in adulthood, your child will look back and see that you tried your best to help, guide and protect them, no matter what decision they ultimately made at the time.

Tornadoes can also point to an individual with a “stormy” personality. Alcoholics, Substance Abusers and Emotionally/Mentally ill or volatile people are generally represented here. In the presence of these personalities, one usually will do everything possible, to the point of extreme self-sacrifice, in order to keep a semblance of peace. The upheaval we feel in these situations is repressed and buried and can often lead to physical sickness if brought from a mental level to a physical level, often manifesting as ulcers, disorders of the blood (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc), disorders of the liver (which represents anger) and abuse of alcohol and substances or sleeping aids. These behaviors are also viewed as having the destructive capacity of a natural disaster.

Whatever the situation, know that your dream is based on your “Perception” of what is going on. Our fears amplify our personal projections of what might occur if we take action, and we pull back, doing nothing and berating ourselves for an assumed lack of courage. This is not reality. Approach the situation with love and communicate honestly, without excess emotion.

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