How do Tornadoes relate to my Job?

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hi char i live in oklahoma and had worked a night shift on my third day at a new job. I went to sleep when i got home during daylight and dreamed about multiple tornados coming at my home. I got my wife and two girls and took cover but dont remember the tornados hitting the house. just me worried about protecting the girls. i also remember a friend who i previously worked with calling me asking if i was looking at them and to take care. i watched them develop but never came at me. i woke up and the news says we are under a tornado watch. i have been in 3 tornados before but dont recall dreaming about them. what do you think? -J. Anthony

Hi, J. Anthony :) Thank you for your comment. In spite of the fact that the news was actually talking about tornadoes, the dream has more to do with your job. If you're working the night shift, it might prove difficult to spend quality time with your wife and daughters. Days and Nights get mixed up, you might lack energy during the day and have to sleep through family outings, you may miss out on school functions with your girls and/or your wife may feel unexpectedly alone. This can cause tension in any family. There are a myriad of issues that come up when our schedules pull us away from our loved ones. You may have taken the position out of necessity, not necessarily wanting to work night shift but, in this economy, we all must do what we have to do.

Some important elements: 

  1. Multiple tornadoes means multiple reasons to fear the impact of the work situation on your family.
  2. There is a theme of the number 3 here, denoting that "creativity and faith" are needed to work through your situation.
  3. The tornadoes did not hit the house, meaning that the "outcome" will not be as destructive as you anticipate. It is in the distance and holds your attention, telling you not so much to "beware" but "be aware".
  4. The "friend" is the side of you (work scenario supported) who previously was there at the point where you needed to find a new job to provide for your family. Look at your relationship. He/she "communicated" with your Conscious self to be sure you were "aware" that they were there. To "take care" would suggest that your subconscious self is telling your conscious mind to "stay alert yet do all that you need to do to remain a healthy family unit and not beat yourself up."
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