Hello, everyone! I need to get a message out to many of you. The settings for the blog allow for Anonymous Comments, and many prefer to be anonymous, which is fine. The problem I'm experiencing is that many of you are asking, and in some cases, PLEADING for help and I can't reach you. I want to help you but if you post anonymously then there is NO WAY I can get in touch with you.

If you choose to leave an anonymous comment, that's okay. Everyone likes reading them. But if you want a response, send me an email right after you post. I receive an email for each post, and your email will appear right above that in my inbox.

I'm also unable to answer responses directly beneath the post I'm commenting on, which is a real pain. Any suggestions?

In other news...I'm working hard to prepare for the launch of my radio show. If you like to join the notification list, email me at Spiritual Insights Radio at gmail, Subject: Sign Me Up! I'd like to kick it off with ALL OF YOU on the topic of Tornadoes!

This is premature but here is the link to the show. I'll announce when I'm launching.

Thank you all for your support!